Trans people are one of the groups with the greatest difficulties of access and permanence in the labour market.
Within this group, trans women are some of the most exposed to situations of discrimination.

However, in public administration and private training and career guidance services, trans women are still invisible.
There is a lack of knowledge and preparation for the design of actions adapted to the urgent needs of this group and
the multiple barriers that they face to access the formal labour market.

The TRANSVISIBLE project aims to improve the opportunities for access and permanence in the formal labour
market for trans women, as a key element for their empowerment within the workplace. The ultimate goal of the
project is to promote the adaptation of training and career counselling programs and services to the needs of trans
women, through the creation and dissemination of innovative methodological materials.

“TransVisible – Methodological innovation in career counselling for the economic empowerment of trans women”. Grant Agreement No.: 2018-1-ES01-KA204-051023
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