The project

The TransVisible project, funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus +, programme, run for 16 months and ended in January 2021.

The project was carried out by a strategic partnership formed by 5 organizations from 4 European regions (Catalonia – Spain, Ireland, Germany and Hungary), and was leaded by Fundació Surt. The partner organizations provided complementary experiences and approaches for the development of the project.

The partnershipdeveloped, through the exchange of good practices at European level, innovative materials of wide diffusion that gathered these experiences and multiplied their impact in diverse territorial contexts.

Specifically, the project contributed to the sensitization of professionals in the field of career and training guidance and staffrecruitment, in order to promote the design of personalized support programs for trans women in their empowerment processes, especially in the economic and occupational sphere.

Necessarily, this sensitization went together with awareness-raising on the prevention and detection of violations of rights of LGBTI people in the workplace and the promotion of measures that guarantee the right to equal treatment and opportunities of this group, including the intermediation with companies, in order to ensure effective and lasting labour insertion processes.

Likewise, the focus of the project was based on the need to act from integrative approaches that impact on three areas that are closely connected:

  1. The visibility of trans women, valuing their talents and identities;
  2. Action on the labour context (awareness-raising) to eradicate transphobic practices and guarantee the exercise of the rights of LGBTI people;
  3. The empowerment of trans women to strengthen their agency capacities to face a highly hostile and discriminatory context.

The Strategic Partnership of the TRANSVISIBLE project obtained the following outcomes:

  • A EUROPEAN MUTUAL LEARNING SEMINAR in Berlin with the participation of representatives from different organizations and services across Europe;
  • EUROPEAN PROFESSIONAL GUIDE to labour inclusion and economic empowerment of trans women;
  • 4 NATIONAL MODELS to provide support to trans women, adapted to the specific geographical contexts in 4 European regions;
  • 4 NATIONAL SEMINARS to disseminate the project results and products.

The project facilitated that partner organizations offering career counselling services directly integrated innovative and more effective work methodologies in their daily activities and, thereby, increased their effectiveness in terms of social and labour inclusion for trans women, as well as their empowerment and upward mobility.

Likewise, associations, private and public services, policy makers or any other stakeholders developing training programs,career guidance and liaising with companieshave free access to the products created within TransVisible project. The application of the recommendations and methods developed is expected to increase the economic empowerment and the social and labour inclusion of trans women.